What’s wrong with Area F2?

Amit Gujar
3 min readMay 21, 2020

The mobile platform is getting popular day by day for the game just like other platforms due to the adaptation of games from another platform to mobile plus mobile/tablets are so much portable and enhancements in mobile hardware is another reason. Therefore devs are trying to bring their famous games from other platforms to mobile. Till now one thing annoyed me so much and that is nothing but fake replicas of the original game, here I am gonna talk about Area F2.


Area F2 is 5 vs 5 tactical shooters where one team act as an attacker and other defenders, both of team will get the preparation phase at the starting of the game. Defenders have to secure the object by fortifying walls (wooden walls are destructible while concrete walls are not) and setting traps for attackers while on other side attackers have to find the object with help of the remote-controlled drone. The game includes some operators for both sides with some special abilities. By reading this you will notice that everything is similar to popular Ubisoft title named Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege.

Real or Carbon Copy?

I have both of the games right now and all I can say about Area F2 is just a carbon copy of R6 Siege. Apart from location/map, everything is just similar including gameplay menu, final scoreboard, operators (different names). This game is currently is in beta and yes it filled with major bugs like controller responsiveness, server issues, and many gameplay bugs.

Main Issue

Most of the players need R6 on a mobile platform and Qookka Games just did that thing that’s why this game started getting the attention of players and everything goes wrong, it got the attention of Ubisoft. This game is developed by a Chinese company, Ubisoft is from France. Now, here is the thing copyright laws of china can be different then France that’s why in some ways there is nothing wrong with the game. All ubi can do is to sue Google, Apple because of copyright law similarities in the US and France, in order to decrease the players count on this game. It is so obvious that this move from UbiSoft because it’s like a selling first copy of R6 for free. Currently, this game is removed from the play store but you wanna try then you can try apk from third-party stores/sites.