Microsoft Surface Event 2019

The day of October 2nd seems to be perfect for Microsoft to unveil their new products. As we expected, today they held their surface event of 2019 in which they announced their latest and greatest Surface Hardware. Here is the complete list with details.

Foldable Android

As I was the past Lumia User it really feels nice to see Microsoft back again in the smartphone business. I won’t disagree that things are gone wrong with Lumia series but this time things are different, yeah it’s true what you saw in the heading. Foldable Phones are not a new thing as other brands like Samsung and Huawei already booked their place in that category but It’s really surprising that Microsoft is going with Android for their Foldable Phone, they call it as Surface Duo. Alright let’s move towards specs, Surface Duo will have a special Microsoft version of Android, powered by Snapdragon 855 (can change in future), total 8.3-inch display with device size of 4.8 mm thin with USB type c port and fingerprint reader. Panos also said that this device will have some API in order to get developers for app development for this device. The surface duo will make it’s the way to the public by Holiday 2020.

Surface Neo

Here we come to the Big Brother of Surface Duo. “Microsoft is working on Dual Screen Devices”, we hearing/reading this statement from years and Dual Screen devices from Microsoft is just a thing on paper but Today this comes out as true. Today they announced their first Duel Screen Device named Surface Neo. This Neo will run on the brand new version of Windows 10 called “Windows 10X” which is an optimized version of windows 10 for Duel Screen Devices. The screen size of Neo is 9 inches with the protection of Gorilla Glass along with 5.6 mm thick sides, rotate over an angle of 360 degrees. As said by Panay this is the thinnest LCD created ever. Neo will powered by custom intel Lakefield processor with 11gen graphics. Additional Accessories like Pen, Keyboard will attach magnetically to the device, when a keyboard is placed on another screen for work then the rest of that screen portion will act like a mouse or extra space.

Surface Laptop 3

Surface Laptop is known for the best combination of performance, portability and beautiful design. Today Microsoft just announced the Surface Laptop 3 with some changes like the addition of type c port. These laptops are available in two versions (13 and 15 inches). Speaking of Performance then a 13-inch version will have 10 gen CPU and which delivers a 3x performance boost then Macbook Air. 15-inch version will have two new AMDs semi-custom chips called “Ryzen Surface Edition”, as per company this is the fastest processor for any laptop in its class today. Microsoft says that it’s vega 11 has extra graphical performance over the standard chip with an additional core. Instead of Alcantara fabric, the company opted for a plainer machined aluminum finish for some models.

ARM-based Surface laptop

The Surface Pro X is the first ARM-based Surface from Microsoft since the Surface 2 launched back in 2013. The screen is expanded from 12 inches on to 13 inches, as per the company this will offer the thinnest bezels than any other 2 in 1 laptop. The Surface Pro X itself weighs just 1.68 pounds, and at 5.3mm thin (thinnest surface laptop yet), features USB-C, fast charging, and integrated LTE support. Instead of old Intel Core Chips, This new device is powered by a custom version of Snapdragon 8cx which is co-developed by Microsoft with Qualcomm called “Surface SQ1”. This new SQ1 is a 7-watt processor and gonna be 3x faster than surface pro 6. Surface Pro X will available on November 5th for $999.

Wireless Surface Buds

Sadly there is no Announcement for Headphones but To join the category of Headphones, Microsoft announced its first wireless buds which will available for $249. These buds are a complete package for music and voice-related tasks and providing battery backup over 24 hours and 8 hours of playback time with the gesture support like other earbuds. Each earbud has two microphones built-in, which aid in noise reduction when you’re speaking into them. Interesting thing is these buds are integrated with Office 365, featuring real-time captions during Presentations.

Surface Pro 7

In addition to the Surface Pro Lineup, Microsoft Announced its fresh ultra-slim and light as ever at just 1.70 pounds, Surface Pro 7 with major change of type-c port (not Thunderbolt) and some new color options. Talking about specs, This Surface Pro 7 powered by 10th gen chips of Intel, 12.3 Inch pixelsense display, fast charging (80 % in 1 hr). Pricing starts from $749, scheduled for October 22 for release.

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