Format/Reinstall Windows 10 without any external media.

Amit Gujar
3 min readMay 16, 2020

There can be so many reasons to reinstall windows or format your pc, you might find reinstalling is so easy when you have external media like dvd, sd card, Pendrive. What happened when you have none of this but you wanna format your pc, do you think that it’s painful? well, it’s not if you read my article and follow all instructions properly.

It all started when my pc fails to upgrade on the 1903 version due to some reasons and my USB stick is corrupted. I managed to reinstall windows without it, this method can work on all devices which run on windows and they have a detachable keyboard.

Download windows 10 iso image from here.

After download copy/move that downloaded windows iso file to another drive/partition. (let’s assume that drive as G:)

Open this pc navigate drive G: and click on properties > sharing > advance sharing > permissions, click allow, and then apply.

Now open the folder where you moved/copied Windows 10 iso, right-click on the iso file and click extract here. (you can do that with any software, I used 7 zip here)

You can also make another partition after this.

Now open run window and type this command, we are basically forced our pc rebooting into an advance startup.

shutdown /r /f /o /t 0

Now you will see the Startup menu.

Follow this path Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Command Prompt.

Your pc will boot and you will see nothing but only command prompt window on the screen.

Type Diskpart, press enter, Type list vol, press enter. Now you will see your partitions with numbers and letters. Note down the letter of the drive where you copied/moved iso and extracted.

(I highlighted my drive here)

Type exit, press enter,

Type call, and drive letter (mine is H ). Use the dir command to see all folders and navigate the folder in which you extracted the iso files. Use cd command to change the current folder to extracted files.

Use dir command again to see all files that we extracted from an iso file, you will find setup.exe file.

Now type setup.exe and press enter. You will see the windows installation process is started.

Now click next and install it.