E3 2019: Highlights from Ubisoft

At E3 2019 Ubisoft announced everything in LA including new games, a movie, new monthly subscription, and all new tv series. here are some highlights of the entire show.

Watch Dogs: Legion

Finally, they announced the third part of Watch Dogs, named Legion. Legion will have the set of London city, The storyline of game is In future London is facing downfall, the UK has become a surveillance state and freedom has been replaced with fear, armed drones patrol the streets, deportation squads rip peoples from their home but the peoples will never surrender to them their resilience and determination becomes inspiration and heroes of the game. so the mission is legion is to build a resistance to fight back against emergence of an authoritarian regime, now the player can play as many characters in the game and create their own squad by recruiting the peoples. The game will be released on 6th March 2020.

The Appearance of New Ghost Recon:

Punisher star Jon Bernthal going to play a leading role in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. the breakpoint will launch on 4th October this year. developers unveiled new trailers for the open-world shooter, showcasing all the intense action to be had in solo play and online. The developers also revealed that Breakpoint will have a playable beta on September 5, 2019, allowing players to get the game before its release.

New Subscription Plan from Ubisoft:

Launching own premium plan for the public is like a trend in the industry for companies and this time Ubisoft also take one step by launching their own monthly premium service called Uplay. This includes Acess of 100+ Ubisoft games to users plus DLC with the subscription fee of $14.99 per month. This service will start on the 3rd of September. Uplus will also get available for Stadia in 2020.

The Entry of Ubisoft into TV:

This is a new thing but yeah it’s True, Ubisoft making their entry into TV by doing an unexpected announcement at E3, Rob McElhenney, creator of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, is making a comedy series about game development, named as Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet, and it’s coming to Apple TV.

Roller Champions is Coming:

Roller Champions is an all-new team-based sports game with futuristic vibes. Roller Champions is a roller-derby style action game where two teams of four face off to score points on the field, it will be free to play when its launch.

Division 2: Next DLC & Movie

Developers revealed upcoming plans for the online tactical shooter RPG. In the next three expansions, titled Episodes, players get to explore more areas in and around Washington D.C. to fight back against numerous threats around the city. In Episode 2, players will venture to the Pentagon to fight against a new threat, and in Episode 3, players will return to Manhattan — the setting of the “The Division”. Additionally, “The Division 2” will be free-to-play from June (13–16)and will be on sale until June 24. A live-action “The Division” movie will also be released on Netflix soon.

Rainbow Six Quarantine;

Ubisoft revealed the biggest announcement for the Rainbow Six Franchise was the reveal of Rainbow Six Quarantine. The game, which is a PvE Spin-Off of Siege in which 3-player tactical co-op game where players fight against infected monsters and humans. Rainbow Six Quarantine is based on the limited time Quarantine event for Siege.

Gods and Monsters:

Developers of AC: Odyssey working on a new game named Gods and Monsters, will be released on 25th Feb 2020. this is an open world game, a player will be playing as a wandaring warrior who explores a vast and colorful world full of ancient deities and creatures who roam the land which delves into Greek Mythology.

Backend Developer, Gamer, Student.

Backend Developer, Gamer, Student.