E3 2019: Apex Legends New Additions

At E3 conference 2019, Respawn Entertainment showed first look at the new update of season 2 Battle Pass and a lot of new content for Apex Legends which will come on July 2. They called new pass as a ‘Battle Charge’ and the season will include a new weapon, addition of a new Legend named Wattson, and a “new way to play the game.”

New Weapon:

Talking about the game’s new weapon was the first thing that Respawn showed off. The weapon is called the L-Star. The weapon comes in the category of heavy assault rifle that’s going to do significantly more damage than any other rifle in the game. Sadly the gun will only be available from Care Packages of Lifeline.

Electronics Art

Battlecharge Additions:

They also announced the first double XP weekend (duration 7–9June) in which reduction of time for players to reach level 100 including the Pass would include challenges (just like other battles royal games), for legends who placed in top five get the elite access which is a time-limited event where players will get the opportunity to test their skills against most skilled legends in the game, rather than just XP and elite access there is also addition of the four legendary skins, including the Prince of Darkness skin for Caustic and a Jade Tiger skin for Octane. There will also be a Spitfire skin called The Intimidator and the Iron Rampage skin for the R-301 submachine gun.

Apex Legends/Caustic/Electronics Art

Play with new Buddy:

Finally, let’s talk about the Legend which will go to join in the arena, Her Name is Wattson. It is a character which will create an ecosystem in which legends can survive, she is the kid sister of all legends, she was always hanging around the arena, she gets to know all the legends got to watch all of them her role is to support and the one person that could probably unite all the legends. like caustic she is a scientist, electrical engineer
talking about the abilities then Wattson has more interrelated abilities then any legends the fences player can place 12 nodes and use these in any permutation you want the part, Ultimate Ability is “Interception Pylon” which shoots down bombardments incoming grenades, stops arc star spam and also charges team shield, Wattson staying away from pylon resulting slower cooldown and if near then it supercharges the tactical so she get fences faster so if she drops it down it will permanent structure until it destroyed which
can be used for defending flank control on offensive squads and going up on the tower and fencing it off with Pathfinder. passive ability is that ultimately gives you 100 % ultimate charge, so we can save this accelerant in order to place more pylons.

There is something surprising thing shown at the end of the trailer for Apex Legends: Season 2, a creature shown up which resembles the dragon/dinosaur/Godzilla which is huge and coming to Apex Legends which result in change and a huge addition to battle royal that we never have seen before in any battle royal games. Respawn hasn't revealed any kind of info related to that but it seems like a part of the battle charge, let’s see in Season 2.

Backend Developer, Gamer, Student.

Backend Developer, Gamer, Student.