Before getting started, make sure you have downloaded all these required files.

Add git bash in windows terminal

Copy following code in settings.json

"guid": "{00000000-0000-0000-ba54-000000000002}","commandline": "%PROGRAMFILES%/git/usr/bin/bash.exe -i -l","icon": "%PROGRAMFILES%/Git/mingw64/share/git/git-for-windows.ico","name" : "Bash","startingDirectory" : "%USERPROFILE%"

Add zsh package

Extract the content to your git bash installation dir: Usually C:\Program Files\Git using…



Area F2 is 5 vs 5 tactical shooters where one team act as an attacker and other defenders…

source: zerouniverse

What is Custom ROM?

Developers other than the OEMs modify the code of android firmware…

What is WSL?

WSL stands for Windows Subsystem Linux, as the name explains WSL is a new Windows 10 feature that allows you to run native Linux command-line tools directly on Windows, alongside your…

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